Laboratory of Transgenic Techniques - 元培醫學檢驗生物技術系
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Laboratory of Transgenic Techniques

The Objectives:
The main objective of this laboratory is to make students familiar with transgenic techniques and to. Transgenic technique is the core technique in study the gene function during the post-genomic era. To develop the second expertise of students with Medical Technology major and to develop the related techniques of transgenesis, we set up this laboratory. The model animal used in this laboratory is zebrafish (Danio rerio), a tiny tropical fish. The zebrafish is an ideal system to existing genetic system. Like flies and worms, the transparent embryos are produced in large numbers and are accessible for rapid screening and experimental manipulation. Like mice, zebrafish have vertebrate anatomy and physiology. In addition, the ease and low cost of maintenance of fish and setup of microinjection apparatus provide extra benefits of using this model.
The Courses:
The course is suitable for students those who have accomplished the
following courses: biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics and bio- technology. The course is integrated with both lecture and experiments for two semesters. The first semester is emphasized on the techniques of cellular transgensis, while the focus of the second semester is on the animal transgenic techniques. Usually, the course is given with several weeks of lectures and followed by the practical manipulation of related topics.
The Instruments:
Stereomicrscope: Nikon SMZ800
Digital camera for stereomicrscope: Olympus 5060
Fluroescent source for stereomicrscope
3-D Micromanipulator: Drummond
Microinjector: Drummond Nanoject II
Hybridization oven: Cocono DHO-100
Microforge: Narishige MF-900
Temperature-controlled breeding tanks for zebrafish